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December 15, 2000
A hero amid Ebola outbreak becomes one of its victims
E-mail from Uganda
September 24, 2000
Downriver to Dongo: A journalist's ordeal
In the heart of Africa, the hardest part of reporting a story is traveling to where it happened.
E-mail from Congo
July 8, 1998
Out of a troubled past, melodies for the future
E-mail from: Africa
March 26, 1997
Just a little problem - with the landing gear
For nine passengers, the oxygen suddenly got thin. Journalists on the way to Zaire found a story aloft.
E-mail from Nairobi
July 30, 1996
Different Olympic images
In South Africa, the summer Olympics are being televised for only the second time. Viewers are getting a raw, non-sugar-coated version of the games. Field hockey, rowing and cycling are in the spotlight. Commentary is occasional and refreshingly amateurish.
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