February 10, 2002
Mutombo the man
The Sixers' all-star center, known for rebounds, has given Congo a lot of assists.
April 23,2000
Uncertain times in the Impenetrable Forest
The murder of gorilla-watchers in Uganda has underscored the fragile relationship between ecotourism and preservation. Tourism is down. The local economy has suffered. And preservation efforts are imperiled.
April 23,  2000
Conservation at what cost?
To preserve the habitat of the rare mountain gorilla, Uganda expelled the Batwa Pygmy people from the forest. In the long run, officials believe, their sacrifice will have been worth it.
July 11, 1999
Incident at Opia
A helicopter attack on a delta village reveals Nigeria's tangle of oil and money, feuds and poverty.
July 7, 1991
Standing alone
Ramsey Clark was an outsider even when he was in Lyndon Johnson's cabinet. And in the 25 years since, he's made few compromises.
July, 1991
Add a few points to your PC's IQ
Neural-network programs simulate human deductive reasoning.
August, 1990
The 1-2-3 career path
Successful, self-taught Lotus 1-2-3 developers and consultants.
July 8, 1990
The avenging actor
Joe Morton's role as a TV prosecutor is only the latest in a line that goes back to a mysterious death in 1958.
February 19, 1989
Tales from the wasteland
Philadelphia's sewer system has swallowed one Volkswagen, countless shopping carts and a billion dollars' worth of improvements. Now the city has to figure out how to sell a heap of fertilizer.
October 18, 1987
Failed promises
Life in Ocotal was bad, so the people struggled to bring down the Nicaraguan dictator. They won the revolution. Now the enemy is disillusionment.

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